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Hi, I’m Gloria Walker, LifeWalker Coach, and I am passionate about helping my clients live their best and most authentic lives while successfully navigating the challenges of when life gets in the way.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where life got in the way of your plans and you felt powerless? I did, and it was a doozy! After going through a number of major life upheavals within 18 months, including the terminal illness and death of my mother, my husband’s lay-off and subsequent months of unemployment, and leaving my dream career to move back to California to deal with both of those life circumstances, I was left with the task of piecing my life back together.

The only problem was, the puzzle was unfamiliar and most of the old pieces no longer fit. Suddenly I was in the position of having to reinvent myself at a very disorienting period in my life and I had no idea where to begin, not even close…

If I had known at the time what a life coach was and could do for me, the process of piecing things back together would have been so much easier. The intuitive process and powerful tools of coaching would have saved me A LOT of time, effort, and grief!

Once I discovered life coaching, I knew I had to help others going through what I did to avoid so many of the pitfalls I experienced and the delays to healing and making real progress.
There is a better way than going it alone!
My background in the corporate world and higher education has given me a broad perspective and diverse set of experiences that allow me to be effective in a variety of situations and in working with my clients to achieve real results, whether personal or professional. I incorporate powerful life coaching tools and techniques, professional and personal assessments, and a variety of other tools (business and general) to create and facilitate a coaching experience tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Whether personally or professionally, it’s your life path and LifeWalker Coach can help you be passionate and powerful in it, while ensuring you do so in a way that honors who you are and allows you to live authentically. 

The Traditional Bio

Gloria Walker, PhD is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, educator, and writer with a diverse background, including years of experience in both the corporate world and academia. She has a BA in German minoring in International Business, a MA in International Affairs with emphasis in International Business, and a PhD in Political Science specializing in Comparative Politics and International Relations.

Gloria landed in the insurance industry working for third party administrators and a large insurance carrier after completing her master’s degree. Eight years later, she decided to leave the corporate world, and return to academia to pursue her dream of earning her PhD in Political Science and becoming a professor. After earning her doctorate at UC Davis, she secured a tenure-track position at a small private liberal arts college in Louisiana and spent four years living her dream.

Unfortunately, life got in the way of her plans, and family commitments required she leave her academic position. After moving back to California and teaching as an adjunct professor for a year, Gloria decided this was not the direction she wanted to take and began the process of refocusing her career and finding a new path.

Although she loved being in the academic environment, there were aspects of the job she never really learned to love, including grading, committee work, and the publish or perish atmosphere for advancement and promotion. What she did love was teaching, synthesizing complex information in ways that made it more accessible to students, preparing lectures and talks, and last, but certainly not least, advising, guiding, mentoring, and empowering her students academically, personally, and professionally.

A seemingly random phone call from a former student she hadn’t spoken with in nearly five years asking for help with her grad school application set Gloria on the path to becoming a life coach by making her realize she could take what she loved most about being a professor and leave the rest behind.
There was another way.

Helping people find their way in this wonderfully crazy world in which we live is truly a passion for Gloria, and the skills and practice she developed over the years as a supervisor, teacher, and advisor translate very clearly into being a life coach. It turns out life was leading her here all along…
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