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LifeWalker Coach offers individualized confidential coaching do help you be passionate about your life and live powerfully and authentically. To meet your specific needs, we offer either individual sessions or three package options. All coaching is done over the phone, from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you may be. As long as you can relax, talk openly, and not be distracted, we’ll be good to go.

All sessions are 60 minutes and occur weekly or every other week, depending on your preference. Email or text support between sessions as needed is included (weekdays only).

Single Session: $140

The single session option is ideal for the client who is exploring coaching and wants to make sure it’s right for them, or for the existing client who just needs an occasional tune-up session.

4 Sessions: $504

If you’re not sure just how much work you want or need to do, this package is a good option. Much like a walk in the woods, this package can be either about exploring your options or focused on a specific goal, whatever you need.

8 Sessions: $997

This package is good when you’re ready for a serious commitment to coaching and learning the tools and self-work. Like climbing a mountain, this package sets a serious goal and works to achieve it.

12 Sessions: $1499

If you are ready to do some serious digging and dive deep into self-work, this package is the one for you. It’s about blazing new trails and ensuring their foundations are solid and durable.
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